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Myanmar soldiers clashed withwill make adrenaline The happy substances in your body are released. The more lucky people win the big prize. This joyful substance will be released in abundance. get the blood pumping It's unbelievably healthy and strong.สล็อตxoเว็บตรงunknown forces for more than an hour. A group of blazing smoke flooded the city of Phaya Tong Su. Lat Ya police officers strictly controlled, forbidden to pass through the Ban Nam Kek checkpoint. for safety

At about 6:30 a.m. on February 25, there was another shooting incident. between the Myanmar military with an unknown force On the side of the golf course, Phaya Tong Su District, Myanmar Which has a border next to Ban Phra Chedi Sam Ong, Moo 9, Nong Lu Subdistrict, Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi Province

The shooting was quite intense and lasted more than an hour. The sound of gunshots and loud explosions could clearly be heard across the Thai side. and in addition to the sound of the gunfight There is also a group of smoke from the burning of Phaya Tong Su district government buildings as well.

Initially, it was believed that the place burnt was Phayatongsu District Police Station. which is about 200 meters from the Three Pagodas Pass

Initially, the security officers of the Department of Security, led by Col. Thatchadet Abuarat, deputy commander of the Ladya Special Task Force, had ordered the military officers of the Ladya Special Task Force. Surasee Army together with security officials Strictly monitoring the situation along the border of the three pagodas And do not allow people to travel through the Ban Nam Kek checkpoint, Moo 8, Nong Lu Subdistrict, Sangkhla Buri District, strictly prohibited. If there is any progress, will be reported later.

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Начать новую тему Ответить на тему  [ 1 сообщение ] 

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